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How To Get Your Writing Noticed On Instagram

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  • Either a snippet of a longer poem or a short poem itself is the way to go. Then keep the text large enough that no zooming in is necessary for those reading on their phones. The carousal feature in Instagram comes in especially handy for sharing multiple verses without compromising readability. 3.

  • 6. Caption Direct To Your Friend. Another way on how to get someone noticed you on Instagram without following them, you can post the video or photo with some caption and direct it to your mutual friend. Give some hashtags too to make this post ramp up and it make much of love reacts. 7. Big Fan Official

  • In fact, the best way to get noticed is to actively try not to be noticed. To be so good they can’t ignore you. To create such good content people can’t help but read it, no matter who wrote it. The most important metric of a piece isn’t authorship or.

How To Get Your Writing Noticed On Instagram - Essay Help 24x7

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