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It took me a very long time to get through Kevin Spelman’s video Science Meets Ayurveda, in lesson 4 of my Clinical Aromatic Scholars certification course at The School of Aromatic Studies, so I kept going and returning back to it until I fully grasped its message. A very dense middle but so worth it!

For me, it was thought-provoking, exciting, energizing and hopeful!!! Grateful to have sat through its entirety to reap its richness, so I can share it with you.

We are not only what we eat, but more importantly what we think. The energy we create and share with one another can have profound lasting effects on our mind, body and spirit, as we have the power to continuously adapt, change and grow.

The fact that an organism, like we humans, may have the ability to change its DNA at the energy level and adapt to its environment no matter the circumstances; that we, as humans can have a profound effect on one another through our energy, positively or negatively, and the ability to change our own perception of our environment, by what we think, if we put our mind to it; that magnetic fields – again energy – may have the potential to change our gene expression; that people of different cultures are more alike than not; and that “We gravitate and group together with people who vibrate at our same energy level” all to enhance our wellbeing  – these possibilities are what excite me the most.

In relation to what I do with plants and essential oils, in my view, they don’t work alone. A single constituent in an essential oil, by itself, may not have as much of an effect on our whole body systems as the potential of the whole oil (scientifically understudied yet curiously being explored).

That it may be the ‘energy’ in the plant material itself through the process of distillation, which also requires energy, and the energy of the helping practitioner along with the mindset and the energy brought by the receiving practitioner (person being helped) in harmony, that may have the ability to help us all as practitioners tune in to the same energy frequency to work our magic through the energy in aromatic formulations.

There’s so much more to learn about our unknown human potential, our ancient relationship with plants and the energy that we can create in relationship with one another tapping into universal frequencies that may ultimately unite us together in community. That’s what makes us electric!

The theory that “our brains have software that we are yet to tap into,” for me, is frightening, intriguing and yet fascinating, all at once! I get goosebumps thinking about it.

So I continue learning and growing, feeding my own curiosity and harnessing my own energy to continue sharing with and helping you support your mind, body and spirit!

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