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Saturday, March 20, 2021 marks the Spring Vernal Equinox when the Sun is precisely above the imaginary line around our Earth, best known as the Equator.

When the Earth starts to tilt towards the Sun and day and night are of equal length.

A time for rebirth and awakening from our winter slumber and the best time to align our mind, body and spirit with our true selves giving and receiving what we most desire.

This year we’ll have the earliest spring in 124 years and heaven knows we need it!

The waxing crescent Moon is in full view and its energy vibrating deep into the Earth where seeds are beginning to spread their roots across the land beneath our feet, like tentacles reaching for nourishment to sustain their journey to once again break through the soil and rise up towards the warmth of the Sun till they're in full bloom.

A sign that brighter longer days are on the horizon. A time of renewal, unity and connection with the Earth and with each other.

On Saturday, step outside and find a patch of grass, however small, take your shoes off, feel the Earth beneath your feet. Breathe in the air and energy flowing all around you, set an intention, an affirmation that is already known to be true, recite it out loud, and slowly breathe all that goodness, in and out. Let its electricity ignite you to once again be in your full bloom.

My intention for Saturday is: I am open to receiving the energy of the Universe to replenish me so that I can continue giving back twofold.

What is your intention? Visit me on Instagram and share yours!

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