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Skynergy has transformed into Botánicaromática!

Skynergy has transformed into Botánicaromática, and we could not be more excited for what we have in store for you!

We’ve evolved from individual aromatic skin-care centric products to preventative holistic botanical support systems, further helping you proactively support your mind, body, and spirit.

Without a doubt this has been a hell of a year, for us all, full of change, loss and uncertainty, each of us doing our best with what was given.

My personal journey focused on research, experimentation, certifications and formulations to today's fresh new start!

Reducing social media noise and listening to my own mind, body and spirit. Sifting through, digesting and abiding by federal regulations and insurance guidelines, scouting out web builders and payment processors, trouble shooting and breathing deeply through integration challenges—all to support the Full-spectrum CBD Hemp in our restorative botanical salves—making it a seamless experience for us to continue supporting you.

Because we truly believe in the small batch, clean, organic, botanical goodness we hand-craft, without synthetic chemicals or preservatives, especially now more than ever, we did not give up and plowed through it all!

We’ve responded to the ebbs and flows of 2020 and are ready to take on 2021 with you.

Let’s continue moving on this holistic botanical, aromatic journey together one support system at a time.

Here’s to a brand new year full of good health, hope, love and compassion for ourselves and towards one another!!! With gratitude, purpose, and intention – Yvette xo

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