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Summer is not yet done surprising us with its electric light shows, balmy days and stormy nights. It’s going out with a fury, as Delta cases rise, and Hurricane Ida batters Louisiana threatening others in its path this week. All the more reason to be grateful and give thanks to the Universal energy for what we have, taking time out to support others while taking care of ourselves and our families, remaining safe. We’re always here to support you when you need it.

In between the raindrops, the overall slow pace of summer has expanded my head-space for me to reenergize get grounded and centered. An opportunity for growth—both internally and externally, leveraging my strengths while creating the heart-space to keep me going. Slowly nudging me to get out into the ‘real world’ to continue making meaningful connections while recognizing the need for taking some time out to rest.

I’m continuing to check off modules, completing each individual milestone and requirement in preparation for the final exam of my clinical certification and the last mile has has taken a bit longer than expected. It’s a marathon not a sprint and well worth the due diligence.

I’m not just getting through the material but truly enjoying the process and reaping the goodness within it. In the end, it will all get done. Slow and steady wins the race. A lesson I’m learning from my gardens.

My established gardens have once again shown off their beauty all season long and have rendered their bounty, currently in their grand finale. The pollinators continue buzzing around enjoying every last drop of the sweet nectar.

Even the small sprouts that seemed to take forever to fully bloom have finally surrendered to the hot balmy weather. If you remember from an earlier post, I sowed many different plants from seed (250 seeds) in early March, moved them into pots gradually outdoors, later in the spring, and the finicky weather––some evenings dipping down to 45 degrees and the deluge of rain stunted most of their growth. But we have enjoyed an abundance of different types of peas, carrots, herbs and greens and continue to harvest tomatoes. Even the tobacco we’ve been sowing for three years gave fruit. I’ll be drying the leaves to make an herbal extraction for scented candles paired with coffee and Manuka honey.

I could not have asked for anything more for my first pass. The lessons learned will serve me for next season.

I don’t know about you but the reentry this summer for me has been slow. With this new COVID-19 Delta variant the uncertainty and surely more unknowns to follow, I’m carefully weighing my options of how deeply I want to go to get back out into the ‘real world’ and more importantly, how soon, in what capacity, considering the venue, with whom and for how long?

My introspection has surfaced one very important thing. In order for me to continue making meaningful strides in my networking efforts to grow my business and continue helping as many people as I possibly can, I need to continue pushing myself to get out there.

The impact just would not be the same from the digital sphere and comfort of my own bubble. Even though recently supporting a dear friend through a bout with the pesky virus, from a distance, was doable, heartwarming and rewarding.

I’m slowly making mindful and meaningful connections one of which is my recent collaboration, from a distance, with herbalist Laura Rubin of Nurture. Leveraging our individual and divergent strengths. She’s an extrovert and enjoys the pop-up market fair scene and I, not so much. Our collaboration works well and our first pop-up market this month in Greenpoint Brooklyn confirmed that.

I’ve also taken stock and reconfirmed some of my own strengths and discovered new ones (revealed by my Clifton Strengths assessment results). It’s energizing me to go further than my current comfort level, safely, to continue making those much-needed meaningful connections.

The nature of my work requires me to be fully present, mind, body and spirit, not only when creating my formulations but also when conducting my 1:1 consultations. Feeding myself first provides the energy required for me to keep paying it forward to you with gratitude, purpose and intention.

Taking moments of rest whenever possible is also much needed. A recent trip to rural and pristine Sharon Springs, NY was just what the doctor ordered. A sweet respite away from home in a remote private, peaceful place soothed my mind, body and spirit. Taking time out to simply breathe in the pure fresh air and attending a Mead and Bitters making class, al fresco, with Kat Miller of Weather Top Organic Farm was truly nourishing to the soul.

Me and my husband Chris were so enamored with the place that we’re seriously considering a big move to a tiny house in the area, in the not-so-distant future, if the stars align. A softer, kinder place to land, closer to Mother Nature’s heart.

As we head towards the cooler months, a time for reflection, clarity and focus comes into view and the season of change and transformation awaits us.

Preparing for this time I’ll be reflecting and strategizing on how best to position my top 5 strengths: Connectedness, Learner, Restorative, Discipline and Futuristic, deeper into my business and everyday life, leaning into the energy that’s been created and how I want to continue showing up in service to you and others.

Coming up I have a full lineup of herb farms, yoga studios, meditation centers, fitness studios, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical therapists, psychologists, midwives, doulas, community support centers in general, to visit, and will continue to push myself because trying to make connections from a distance can be a bit impersonal even for me.

We’re also unveiling our fall/winter seasonal support systems (digestive, endocrine and general fatigue) next month and that’s exciting!

I wholeheartedly believe in Universal energy and that the opportunities meant for me show up when I least expect them and when they’re most needed with the resources required, for me to continue learning, growing and sharing my strengths with you.

How did you make out this summer? I’d love to hear all about it!