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How are you feeling? Have you checked in with your mind, body and spirit yet today?

How’s your mood? How do your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso, back, legs and feet feel?

Do they feel loose and limber or tense and tight?

If the answer is the latter, first take a breath then you may want to take a bath.

Schedule or plan for it, improvise or wing it, just make it happen!

The act of bathing submerged in a tub, when all that is exposed is your head, is an ancient practice around the world marked by the many natural hot springs courtesy of Mother Nature: her version of a day spa, an outlet for the earth to let off some steam and release its own stress and tension.

A practice that has been undervalued by humans and needed by us all, now more than ever!

It’s the most basic recorded form of cleansing since 2500 BC with the discovery of the first known bath house, named The Great Bath, constructed out of clay in what is known today as Pakistan.

Since then various adaptations have come into vogue all around the world: Finnish (sauna), Greek (bath), Japanese (onsen), Korean (jimjilbang), Native American (sweat lodge), Roman (bath), Russian (banya) and Turkish (hammam). They all have developed their own version of this healing art form, individually or publicly, used to relax and socialize, and also employed in rituals and celebrations.

The benefits beyond cleansing are many and there’s plenty of scientific and anecdotal data to back it up.

A warm bath induces feelings of relaxation, supports mental and emotional health, reduces stress and relieves muscle tension. It may also improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure, encourage sleep, and help detoxify the body of its own stress and tension.

Why not schedule some me time, for you or with a loved one, soon?

Create your very own personal bath spa oasis in your tub.

Start by filling your tub with comfortable warm water and drop in one of our Botanical Bath Spa Sacs full of aromatic goodness: Epsom and Pink Himalayan salts (encourage circulation and relieve sore muscles), herbal infused oils (moisturize and soothe dry skin) herbs and flowers (help reduce stress and tension) and essential oils with healing properties that will support and comfort your mind, body and spirit! Soak it all in for 30-40 minutes. Enjoy!

See what we have in store for you and remember: we offer free shipping and a free surprise sample with your first order!

With gratitude, purpose, and intention

– Yvette xo

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